Welcoming Governor Rell

July 14, 2004

As I am sure everybody is aware, M. Jodi Rell has been sworn in as Connecticut’s 87 th Governor. Her administration provides the state with a fresh start following some of the most trying times in state history. The controversy surrounding Governor Rowland gripped the state like few issues ever have. Much of our work here at the General Assembly was overshadowed by constant reports of impeachment proceedings and ongoing federal investigations.

Although I believe Governor Rowland made the correct decision for both the state and his family, I feel it is a move he should have made earlier. I asked back in January that he step aside rather than put the state through what turned into a costly and time consuming impeachment inquiry. Nevertheless, it is now time to put this ordeal behind us and focus our time and energy on improving the lives of Connecticut residents.

I expect the shift to the new administration to be smooth and seamless. Governor Rell is well prepared to assume the awesome responsibility of being Governor. She has a firm grasp on state policy having served for ten years in the House of Representatives and over nine years as Lieutenant Governor. Plus, she is a natural leader with strong ideas and the energy to implement these policies. During the last two years, I have observed those leadership abilities first hand as she presided over the state senate in her role is Lieutenant Governor.

Perhaps Governor Rell’s biggest challenge will be to help restore the public trust in elected officials that has been damaged not only by the Governor Rowland controversy, but several other corruption scandals that have taken place in our state over the last several years. Although reestablishing trust is a daunting task, I can think of no better person to get it done than Jodi Rell, who has deservedly earned the reputation as one of the most honest, fair, and trustworthy official in state government.

Elected officials and staff alike are anxious to work with Governor Rell, as she is known statewide as someone willing to work in a bi-partisan fashion to get things done. It is going to take efforts on behalf of both Republicans and Democrats to keep the state healthy and there is nobody who can broker compromise between the two parties better than Jodi Rell.

I have had the opportunity to speak with Governor Rell and she and I see eye to eye on many matter relating to state policy. She is a proponent of streamlining government processes and ensuring that Connecticut meets the needs of its residents while spending within its means.

I am proud to have Jodi Rell as my Governor. The state has a smart, effective, and most importantly, honest woman leading us. Together, I am confidant that we can do great things for the state.