Rell Appoints Roraback to Contracting Reform Task Force

July 8, 2004

Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that she has appointed State Senator Andrew W. Roraback, R-Goshen, to the newly created Governor’s Task Force on State Contracting Reforms. “I am honored to be asked to serve and look forward to working with other legislators and department heads to help begin to restore the public trust in the state’s contract bidding process,” Roraback said.

“Recent revelations about the manner in which state contracts have been awarded in the past make clear the need for substantial reforms. This task force takes direct aim at improving the procedures regarding the awarding of state contracts,” Roraback said.

According to a statement released today by Governor Rell, the task force will provide a final report to the Governor’s office by September 1. The entire scope of state purchasing will be examined by the task force, including the awarding of contracts for construction, leases, personal services, property management and the purchase of goods and equipment.

“This is a priority of the new administration, and rightfully so,” said Sen. Roraback who has served for four years as ranking member of the legislature’s Government Administration and Elections (GAE) Committee. “We need to be sure the procedures for state contracts are clear and that the bidding process is fair. Through this task force, I am confident that we can begin to restore credibility to a process that many people have lost faith in.”
Sen. Roraback will join representatives from various state agencies including the Departments of Public Works, Administrative Services, Transportation and the office of Policy and Management. Also included in the task force will be the Auditors of Public Accounts, the Chief State’s Attorney, leaders of the legislature’s GAE Committee and Rachel S. Rubin who was recently appointed by the Governor Rell as Special Counsel for Ethics Compliance.