Senator McKinney Calls for Investigation of I-95 in Response to Recent Shutdowns

June 4, 2004

State Senator John McKinney, R-Fairfield, today is calling for a full legislative investigation to look into the causes of the recent string of accidents that have shutdown portions of Interstate 95 between exits 25 and 27 in Bridgeport. Sen. McKinney said that he would like officials from the Department of Public Safety along with the Department of Transportation and the Department of Motor Vehicles to meet with legislative leaders to discuss possible initiatives that will make this portion of the highway safer.

“Serious accidents on I-95 are occurring too frequently and on the same stretch of highway, it should sound the alarm that we have a major problem on our hands,” said Sen. McKinney who serves as a member of the legislature’s Transportation Committee. “From what I can see the 45 mph speed limit in this area is not being enforced, trucks are simply driving too fast and we need more troopers on the highway to make sure the speed limit is strictly enforced.”

Sen. McKinney’s call for an investigation comes just days after the most recent accident in which a tractor trailer crashed and caught fire near exit 27 forced the northbound lanes to be shut down and caused numerous delays, and traffic on local roads. In March, a portion of I-95 was shut down for over two-weeks after a tractor-trailer collided with a car and destroyed an overpass between exits 25 and 26. Senator McKinney said that extending the 45 mph speed limit zone should be examined along with making lane markings clearer to motorists.

“There is currently a great deal construction taking place on this portion of the roadway and while we all understand that the construction is necessary, something needs to be done immediately in order to improve the safety of this stretch of I-95,” said Sen. McKinney. “Too many accidents have occurred for this to be ignored any longer and it is my hope that by commencing an investigation we can move quickly to ensure highway safety while construction takes place.”