Senator Kissel Lauds Hilltop Farm Project in Suffield

April 28, 2004

State Senator John A. Kissel, R-Enfield, today praised local officials in Suffield for their efforts to garner funding for the reconstruction of the historic barn at Hilltop Farm. According to Sen. Kissel, a $500,000 state grant, which was announced earlier today by Governor Rowland at a ceremony at
Hilltop Farm, is expected to be approved by the State Bond Commission this coming Friday,
April 30th.

“I wholeheartedly support this renovation project, it is important to restore a structure that has so much historical meaning to the town of Suffield,” said Sen. Kissel. “I specifically want to thank Rep. Ruth Fahrbach (R-Windsor) for her efforts in working with the administration to make sure the item was placed on this month’s agenda.”

Sen. Kissel also praised the work of The Friends of the Farm at Hilltop (FOHAH) for their organization and dedication to preserve the property.

According to their mission statement, the Friends of the Farm at Hilltop recognize the contributions that generations of families have made to farm life in Suffield. Their mission is to celebrate agricultural heritage and tell stories of those families who worked the land. Among their activities, FOFAH is involved in the effort to open the farm to the public, create educational and agricultural programs and to nominate the property to the National Register of Historic Places.
“What makes this project so special is the fact that so many people locally are involved in the preservation effort. I believe that says something about the importance of Hilltop Farm,” said Sen. Kissel. “Hilltop Farm is a location that represents the town of Suffield’s history, I am pleased that renovations at the site can move forward.”