Hearing Provides Information Regarding Asnuntuck Road Construction

April 27, 2004

An informational hearing arranged by state Senator John A Kissel, R-Enfield, and state Representative Kathy Tallarita, D-Enfield, held on April 15th at the Enfield Town Hall, shed new light on the Elm Street construction project located at the entrance of Asnuntuck Community College that was originally scheduled to be completed last summer.

According to the legislators, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) is now indicating that the project will be completed before the beginning of June, which is welcome news for Asnuntuck Community College officials, including President Martha McCleod and Dean of Administration Timothy Hurlock, who have been concerned that further delays would disrupt the school’s graduation scheduled for June 4 th . The assurance from the DOT that the project would be completed in May is something that both President McLeod and Dean Hurlock are pleased to learn.

Asnuntuck administrators, along with local residents have been concerned by the duration of the project that commenced in the spring of 2003 with completion originally scheduled for July of last year. But delays arose due to utility problems and the project’s completion date was moved back. According to DOT officials, work to complete the project will begin in the early part of May and will take approximately two weeks to finalize.
“I’m very pleased that we could put this meeting together because there seemed to be a bit of uncertainty as to when the project would be completed,” said Sen. Kissel. “Whether it was a lack communication by the DOT or some other problem, there was some confusion as to the remaining scope and duration of the road project. I am very pleased to hear that it will be completed in a matter of weeks and before the Asnuntuck graduation.”