Senator Fasano Supports New Veterans’ Legislative Package

February 1, 2004

State Senator Len Fasano (R-East Haven), the Ranking Senate Member of the Veteran’s Affairs Committee expressed his support for proposed legislation that offers a variety of benefits for veterans, active-duty personnel as well as their respective families.

“With our nation currently at war, our military is being severely tested. I consider it our duty as elected officials to take whatever steps necessary to ensure that these courageous servicemen and women, along with their families, and properly cared for,” said Senator Fasno. “With strong leadership from both parties, as well as diligent efforts from rank and file members, I am confidant that our veterans will receive the assistance they have earned. I look forward to working with my fellow Committee members from both sides of the aisle on this critical legislation.”

The Select Committee on Veterans’ Affairs is new to the General Assembly this session. It is reports bills concerning both military and veterans affairs.
Senator Fasano is an Assistant Minority Leader and represents East Haven, North Haven and Wallingford. In addition to Veteran’s Affairs, Senator Fasano is the Ranking Member of the Planning and Development Committee as well as a member of the Appropriations, General Law, and Program Review and Investigations Committees.