Meeting Sets Stage for Brookfield Water Progress

December 10, 2003

HARTFORD-A meeting between State Representative David Scribner, State Senator Andrew Roraback, Brookfield First Selectman Jerry Murphy, and officials from the State Department of Public Health, Department of Environmental Protection, and department of Public Utility Control was held Monday concerning delivering potable water to the Four Corners section of Brookfield. Water sources in the Four Corners section have had a long-standing problem due to a solvent contamination of area wells by a dry cleaning business over thirty years ago. There is also MTBE contamination from area gas stations at the intersections of Rotes 7 and 25.

Following the meeting, Scribner, Roraback and Murphy announced that the discussion was successful, and that all participants are coordinating efforts to move forward and solve the Four Corners water issue as quickly as possible. An engineering study of the area in need will be the next step, by assessing needs and solutions.

“I came away from this meeting with a very positive attitude,” said Brookfield First Selectman Jerry Murphy. “All parties are on the same page, and we are moving forward, and that is critical. Now we can move on with the study and fix the problem.”

“One of the larger challenges is getting everyone to work in concert, said Representative Scribner. “We have hammered that out now, and we are taking the first steps toward getting this problem resolved.”

“It has become clear to me that no issue is more important to Brookfield’s future than the resolution of this long-standing water problem,” said Senator Roraback. “ I am heartened by the progress we are seeing and the commitment at both the state and local levels to finally reach a solution.”

Approximately 17 properties are affected by the solvent contamination, and an additional 49 locations are affected by the MTBE contamination.