Senator Guglielmo Announces Funding For Ashford and Coventry

October 31, 2003

State Senator Tony Guglielmo, R-Stafford, today announced that the towns of Ashford and Coventry would receive funding for various road and town park renovations. According to Sen. Guglielmo, the state Bond Commission approved funding this morning in the amount of $53,848 to the town of Ashford for eight specific road projects and $24,000 to the Town of Coventry for renovations and upgrades to three local parks.

“I’m very pleased that the Bond Commission approved this funding today and that these long awaited projects can commence. One of the nice things about the LoCIP grant is that it really assists the smaller communities that do not have the local revenue to finance necessary infrastructure projects. So this is a great program and I happy that these funds were released today.”

According to Sen. Guglielmo, the funding is part of the Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP). LoCIP is a state administered fund that helps towns pay for eligible local capital improvement projects, such as roads, bridges and other construction projects. Municipalities are given an eligible amount each year based on a formula. Under the formula a town can draw its LoCIP funds by submitting project information to the state Office of Policy and Management, which then reimburses the town for costs incurred up to their eligibility amount.

Under the approval of today’s allocation, the town of Ashford will receive $53,848 for improvements to the following roads: Slade, Bebbington, Pumpkin Hill, Kennerson Reservoir, James, Bicknell, Knowlton Hill and Horse Hill Roads.

The town of Coventry will receive just over $24,000 for ADA access to Lisicke Beach, renovations to Patriot’s Park and fencing to Laidlaw Park.