Judiciary Committee Passes Senator Fasano’s Tort Reform Bill

April 15, 2003

A bill that would study an issue that has been prominent throughout this Legislative Session moved one step closer to becoming law today when the Judiciary Committee unanimously approved State Senate Bill 229, An Act Establishing a Task Force on Tort Reform. The bill, which Senator Len Fasano (R-34th) co-sponsored and has aggressively pursued since assuming office, would bring together a wide cross section of people in the each industry to discuss and explore significant reforms with the current system.

“I am pleased that the members of the Judiciary Committee understand the complexity of tort reform and realize that the only way to come to a definitive and long lasting solution is to establish a task force,” said Senator Fasano. “With an open dialogue among a variety of informed individuals representing the interests of health care providers, insurance companies and lawyers, I am confident that we can draft meaningful reform that benefits everyone.”

The task force would consist of individuals appointed by the respective leaders of each legislative caucus and would have to submit its report to the joint standing committees having cognizance over matters relating to judiciary, public health and insurance by January 15th 2004.

A variety of bills addressing this issue have been proposed this year, with varying levels of support. Senator Fasano is confident his bill will eventually lead to a fair resolution between the doctors, lawyers, and insurance companies.

“Certainly this is a contentious issue, but I did not want ongoing litigation to get in the way of the health of citizens in Connecticut. Maintaining quality healthcare has always been my top priority in pursuing this legislation,” according to Senator Fasano. “I am hopeful that my fellow legislators agree and that we can move this bill forward on the floors of the senate and the house.”