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Senator Linares Praises Bipartisan Senate Approval of Republicans’ Amended Budget Proposal
September 15, 2017
Senate & House Republicans Release Revised No-New-Tax Increase State Budget Proposal
September 14, 2017
Governor’s Cuts Decimate Local Education
August 18, 2017
State Employee Union Agreement Is Going to Break the Engine of State Government
August 1, 2017
Senator Linares Calls Ten-year Agreement with State Employee Unions a Bad Deal for Connecticut
July 31, 2017
Connecticut Taxpayers Cannot Afford the State Employee Concession Package
July 24, 2017
Senator Linares Calls for Funding of Intellectually, Developmentally Disabled Programs
July 19, 2017
Veterans Commissioner, Portland Officials Honor Town’s Wartime Veterans at Ceremony
July 7, 2017
Senator Linares and Representative Carpino host The Portland Veterans’ Wartime Service Medal Ceremony 6-29-17
July 5, 2017
Long Awaited Resolution to Tainted Tylerville Wells
June 23, 2017