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OpenPension Brings More Transparency to State Government
December 15, 2018
The Real Story: 2019 Legislative Preview
December 11, 2018
NBC Connecticut’s Face the Facts – 2019 Preview
December 11, 2018
(Listen) “That’s your money.”
November 1, 2018
A CT “Commuter Tax”?
October 29, 2018
Fasano sends letter to Harp calling for forensic audit on city spending
October 17, 2018
Sen. Fasano: UConn Economist Oversteps His Role in Political Commentary
October 11, 2018
Sen. Fasano: Lamont’s Interview Statements Show “Stunning Cluelessness”
October 2, 2018
Sen. Fasano Statement on Gov. Malloy’s Political Priorities
September 21, 2018
Response to Mayor Harp’s Misrepresentation of State Aid for New Haven
August 17, 2018