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Removal of Legislative Oversight Prompts Sen. Boucher’s No Vote on Tolls
March 23, 2018
Listen as I tell Brad Davis and Dan Lovallo that Tolls and a Quasi-Public Transportation Authority Are Bad for Connecticut
March 22, 2018
Holocaust Education Bill Approved by Committee
March 20, 2018
Senator Boucher Says Tolls More Complicated, Expensive than Public Is Led to Believe
March 15, 2018
Senator Boucher’s Holocaust Education Bill Receives Public Hearing
March 14, 2018
Make Your Voice Heard – End DOT Control of Fare Increases!
March 12, 2018
Don’t Let State Agency Bureaucrats Decide Your Transportation Fate
March 10, 2018
International Women’s Day: A Reflection on Progress and Renewed Commitment to Equality for Young Girls Everywhere
March 8, 2018
Senator Boucher Reminds Public that School Threats Are a Felony
March 6, 2018
Senator Boucher Says Malloy Tax Proposal Amounts to Death by a Thousand Cuts
March 4, 2018