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(Have you seen these videos?) CT Republicans propose no tax hike plan
April 28, 2017
(Watch the Video) 14-year-old Max is making a difference!
April 21, 2017
(Watch) Sen. Hwang: More CT Casinos Could Cause Oversaturation
April 19, 2017
(Watch) “You Have My Commitment.”
February 7, 2017
Watch) “Do we really need more CT casinos?”
January 25, 2017
(Watch) Sen. Hwang: “Share your thoughts and concerns.
January 19, 2017
(Watch) Sen. Hwang: “We have a responsibility to protect those who are most at-risk.”
January 8, 2017
New Company in Charge of Software for CT’s Next Generation 911 Project
December 7, 2016
“We’re Looking to Save Lives.”
August 7, 2016
(Watch) “Access to Higher Education: Not at the Expense of CT Residents and American Citizens”
April 23, 2016