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(Watch) A legislative proposal to protect CT seniors.
March 7, 2018
(Watch News 8) School threats can bring serious penalties
February 27, 2018
(Watch) A “Quadruple Dip” of CT tax hikes?
February 1, 2018
“We protected the interests of CT seniors.”
January 31, 2018
(Watch) Need Job Search Help? Sen. Hwang Hosts Jan. 25 Jobs Skills Forum in Newtown
January 12, 2018
(Watch) Medicare Savings Program Funding Restored
January 8, 2018
(Watch and Share) Agreement reached to restore Medicare Savings Program $$$.
December 14, 2017
(Watch) “We are working together. That’s what people want.”
October 27, 2017
(Watch) Bipartisan budget spares our towns
October 26, 2017
(Watch) “Fixing a problem that we all agree exists.”
July 26, 2017