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Senator Boucher Honors Former First Lady Barbara Bush in Senate Circle
April 19, 2018
New Rail Line to Use 30-year-old Rail Cars? What?
April 13, 2018
2018 Session Update from Senator Toni Boucher
February 21, 2018
Meet the Leaders: Senator Boucher Says Tolls Are Dead in Connecticut
June 12, 2017
Watch: Senator Boucher Tells Reporters Connecticut Drivers Can’t Afford Tolls
May 12, 2017
Sen. Boucher Capitol Update: Listening to Realtors, Fighting Tolls
May 11, 2017
Capitol Update
May 8, 2017
Senator Boucher Discusses Legislative Issues on Meet the Leaders
March 13, 2017
Meet the Leaders: Senator Toni Boucher
March 16, 2016
Senator Boucher opening day message
February 9, 2016