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(Listen) “What’s going to be done about it?”
May 23, 2018
“How did he do it?”
May 23, 2018
(Listen) Did you know about these large CT pay increases?
May 21, 2018
(Listen) What you may NOT be hearing about tolls in CT…
April 16, 2018
(Listen) Why I oppose the creation of a CT transportation authority.
March 15, 2018
(Listen) Could there be 70, 80 or more tolls in CT’s future?
February 27, 2018
(Listen) Should CT install tolls?
February 21, 2018
(Listen) “There’s going to be one gargantuan fight.”
February 13, 2018
(Listen) These stats are “staggering.”
February 6, 2018
(Listen) All this destruction is unnecessary!
October 17, 2017