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Senator Kissel and Friends [Video]
August 22, 2012
Senator Kissel and Friends [Video]
March 7, 2012
Fox CT Video: Senator Kissel talks about the death penalty and upcoming hearings this session.
February 24, 2012
Response to the Governor’s State of the State Address [Video]
February 9, 2012
Senator Kissel and Friends – Allied Community Services [Video]
February 8, 2012
Senator Kissel Speaks at a Press Conference Calling For Creation of Agricultural Committee [Video]
February 2, 2012
Senator Kissel and Friends: Peer mentoring and teen suicide prevention [Video]
January 23, 2012
Senator Kissel Discusses The October Nor’easter And How You Can Help Our Community Recover On Senator Kissel and Friends [Video]
November 10, 2011
On Fox CT, Sen. Kissel discusses factors jurors consider when deciding death penalty cases. [Video]
October 21, 2011
Ct Valley Views joins Senator Kissel at a “Senator on Your Sidewalk” event in Granby. [Video]
October 11, 2011