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Senator Martin and Representative Petit Attend Eagle Scout Ceremony
June 7, 2017
Photo Brief: Senator Martin Joins Local Charities at Collection Event for Veterans
June 2, 2017
Senator Martin Calls Revised No-New-Tax State Budget & Labor Proposal the Change Connecticut Needs
June 1, 2017
Photo Brief: Senator Martin Meets with MARC Members
May 25, 2017
State Rep. Betts and Sen. Martin Celebrate Bristol Soup Kitchen Grand Opening
May 7, 2017
Sen. Formica, Sen. Martin Welcome “Women Owned Business Day” to the State Capitol
May 4, 2017
Senator Martin Meets with Area Homebuilders, Remodelers
May 1, 2017
Martin, Petit Support Balanced Budget Proposal That Does Not Raise Taxes
April 28, 2017
Sen. Martin Calls Proposal to Tax Nonprofits a Dangerous Proposition
April 26, 2017
Senator Martin Submits Testimony in Favor of State Spending Cap
April 5, 2017