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Senator Somers, Lawmakers Conduct Public Hearing Regarding Patient Safety at State-Run Facility
November 13, 2017
Senator Somers and Public Health Committee to Hold Public Hearing on Whiting Forensic Institute Scandal, Monday, November 13
November 2, 2017
Senator Somers Releases Statement Re: Approval of Bipartisan Budget
October 26, 2017
Senator Somers Documents Mammogram Appointment During Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October 25, 2017
Radiology Society of Connecticut Honors Senator Heather Somers
October 19, 2017
Senator Somers and Senator Logan Release Statement Re: Alleged Whiting Forensic Institute Scandal
October 10, 2017
Sen. Formica, Sen. Somers Applaud Narcan Donation to Local Communities
October 8, 2017
Tell the Legislature: “Pass the Budget. Override the Governor’s Veto!”
September 28, 2017
Fasano, Somers: President Herbst Should Resign if Her Poor Fiscal Management Targets Avery Point
September 25, 2017
Tell Governor Malloy “Don’t Veto this Budget!”
September 16, 2017