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Sen. Berthel Testifies in Favor of a Limited Bear Hunt
March 6, 2019
Sen. Berthel Updates his Constituents from Hartford
January 31, 2019
(Watch) “Just dreadful.”
July 30, 2018
(Watch) “Thank you for your input!”
May 10, 2018
(Watch) I’m trying to “keep the State out of your wallet.”
May 5, 2018
(Watch) “I have some great news….”
May 3, 2018
(Watch) We are broke. Say “no” to irresponsible spending.
May 2, 2018
(Watch) Two weeks remain…a quick State Capitol update.
April 26, 2018
(Watch) “Keep the State of CT Out of Your Wallet.”
April 12, 2018
(Watch) I listened to Gov. Malloy. Here’s what I think.
February 14, 2018