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We are taking action to fix the Medicare Savings Program.
January 5, 2018
Another $150 a year? Really? Join me in speaking out!
December 23, 2017
Medicare Savings Program update
December 20, 2017
1/3 of CT govt spending is untouchable. Guess why?
December 3, 2017
A CT Cell Phone Tax? Really?
September 13, 2017
No New CT Taxes!
September 13, 2017
“When will the threat of tax increases finally end?”
September 11, 2017
Seen this editorial about the CT “conservation charge”?
September 8, 2017
Sen. Berthel: “This would be a completely unfair tax.”
September 7, 2017
“The legislature should weigh in on every contract.”
September 4, 2017