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Sen. Linares Votes for Bipartisan Budget that Restores Education Funding and Caps State Spending
October 26, 2017
Senator Linares Praises Bipartisan Senate Approval of Republicans’ Amended Budget Proposal
September 15, 2017
Senate & House Republicans Release Revised No-New-Tax Increase State Budget Proposal
September 14, 2017
Senator Linares Calls Ten-year Agreement with State Employee Unions a Bad Deal for Connecticut
July 31, 2017
Senator Linares Calls for Funding of Intellectually, Developmentally Disabled Programs
July 19, 2017
Senator Linares Says Republican’s Proposal Brings State Employee Benefits in Line with Private Sector
June 1, 2017
Senator Linares Meets with Middletown Arc Representatives
May 25, 2017
Senator Linares Urges Support for Tesla Bill
May 17, 2017
Sen. Linares Meets Young Colchester Technology Stars
May 4, 2017
Senator Linares to Participate in 4th Annual Women-Owned Business Day at the Capitol
May 1, 2017