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Connecticut Senate Passes Bipartisan Bill to Close the 2017 State Budget Shortfall
May 31, 2017
Senate Republicans Propose Changes to Gov. Malloy’s Fiscal Year 2017 Deficit Mitigation Plan
May 24, 2017
Senate Republicans Release State Budget Proposal Update
May 16, 2017
Lawmakers Raise Concerns about Bringing Tolls to Connecticut
May 10, 2017
Republicans Unveil “Confident Connecticut” State Budget Proposal
April 27, 2017
Connecticut Lawmakers Advocate for Bill to Enhance Access to Prenatal Care
April 12, 2017
Senate Republicans Stand in Support of Electoral College
February 22, 2017
Senate & House Republicans Offer Plan to Restore Education Funding
February 7, 2017
Senate & House Republican Press Conference TODAY at 11:30am
February 7, 2017
Senate & House Republicans Urge Legislature to Pair Pension Refinancing with Reform
February 1, 2017