Senator Somers Releases Statement Re: Approval of Bipartisan Budget

October 26, 2017

HARTFORD, Conn. – Today State Senator Heather Somers (R-Groton) released the following statement regarding the State Senate approval of a bipartisan budget that avoids the governor’s devastating executive order and puts Connecticut on a path of fiscal responsibility.

“It was clear that if the legislature wanted a budget and to avoid the devastating impact of Governor Malloy’s executive order, we had to work together to produce a document that moves Connecticut forward,” said Sen. Somers. “This budget contains compromises on both sides, but most importantly it includes significant structural changes that were never possible before, structural changes that will put our state on a better path for future years. These structural changes include a defined spending cap for the first time since the spending cap was promised to taxpayers over 20 years ago. It also includes a bonding cap which is nearly $1 billion less than what Governor Malloy has bonded in recent years, in order to stop the reckless borrowing and spending that has plagued our state for far too long. The budget also provides for substantial middle-class tax relief by eliminating the tax on social security and pension income under certain thresholds.”

“Not only does this budget put our state on the right path, but it also results in a great outcome for towns and cities in the 18th Senatorial District,” said Sen. Somers. “It protects against an increase in the ambulatory surgical center tax, it fully restores funding for Groton Public Schools, establishes a new municipal grant for being a military host town, funding is also restores for the Thames River Heritage Park Water Taxi, designates funds to preserve Project O and provides funding for a much needed shellfish lab testing facility.”

“I am also proud of the work accomplished to ensure a diversity grant was awarded and our school construction project in Groton will be fully funded,” said Sen. Somers. “At the end of the day, this budget provides for significant structural changes and halts massive damaging tax increases from overburdening Connecticut taxpayers.”