A New Direction

July 14, 2017

New Direction[2]Learn More about our Budget – A New Direction for CT

Connecticut is facing a financial crisis of historic proportions. Our economy is depressed, families are struggling and a $5 billion state deficit threatens even more pain.

We can get out of this mess, but we have to think differently to move Connecticut in a new direction.

That’s the goal Senate Republicans had in mind when we crafted our state budget proposal to create stability today and prosperity for future generations. Although we were denied a vote on our budget thus far, we hope that consensus amongst lawmakers can be built around this proposal. Here’s why:

Our budget includes structural changes, no new taxes and protects funding for core services like mental health care, substance abuse treatment and services for those with disabilities. It does not push new financial burdens onto municipalities. It prioritizes transportation needs and stabilizes transportation funding without tolls, lowers taxes for retirees and helps seniors age in place. It also aims to address Connecticut’s achievement gap by implementing a new Education Cost Sharing grant formula that weighs factors such as enrollment, poverty and English language learner population so resources go to students most in need. It also includes labor savings that can be achieved through statutory changes beginning in 2022 that put all state employee benefits more in line with benefits received by municipal union employees, such as firefighters, police officers, teachers and nurses, and nongovernment union workers.

Republicans and Gov. Malloy have each laid out our different visions. Senate Republicans remain open to negotiating with anyone who shares their ideas and who recognizes that we need to change course. But we need to act now. Our state’s survival is at stake.

You can view all details about the Senate Republican budget at the following links, including the budget in bill format that is ready to be voted on.