Senator Kelly, Senate Republicans Unveil Revised State Budget Proposal

May 17, 2017

HARTFORD, Conn. – This week State Senator Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford), along with Senate Republican lawmakers released a revised line-by-line state budget proposal that does not rely on new taxes. The revised two-year budget addresses the dramatic revenue drop reported at the end of April which leaves our state with a budget shortfall of nearly $5 billion.

“Time and time again Senate Republicans put forward ideas that demonstrate there is a better way to move our state for the benefit of our families,” said Sen. Kelly. “Even in this extremely difficult budget year we are able to offer Connecticut families a budget that does not rely on tax increases. We have seen what Democrat budgets have done to our state – driven businesses and families out. We have a plan to get us out of this fiscal mess and get us back on a path to economic growth and jobs without digging into the wallets of hard-working families.”

The updated two-year Senate Republican proposal does the following:

  • Closes the state budget deficit without tax increases
  • Increases education funding by $170 million in the first two years and includes a new Education Cost Sharing formula
  • Reformulates municipal funding and holds towns harmless in the first year to cuts to statutory grants
  • Streamlines government
  • Provides for structural changes
  • Maintains the tax exempt status for hospitals to protect them from a new local hospital tax
  • Preserves core government services by restoring funding for social services such as Meals on Wheels, mental health care and substance abuse treatment
  • Prioritizes transportation needs and stabilizes funding without tolls or new taxes
  • Lowers taxes for retirees and helps seniors age in place
  • Enhances funding for state parks and tourism

A full summary of the updated “Confident Connecticut” budget is available here.

Line-by-line details available at