Budget Battle Affects Us All

May 3, 2017

Friends – I wanted to bring you up to date on our state’s two-year budget situation.  It is the primary job of State Senators and Representatives to approve a Fiscal Year 2018 to 2019 to provide for our state.

Democrats were unable to present a budget document last week on the Appropriations Committee for the first time in living memory.  It would have increase spending by at least $400 with matching tax increases.

The Republican budget proposal for FY 18-19 presented by my colleagues in the House and Senate does not include any tax increases – on income, on the sale of goods and on hospitals.

The plan also provides the following:

  • Increases education funding to a majority of cities and towns, including Groton that faced $16 million in reductions under the Malloy administration plan.
  • Requires a cap on state spending that works.
  • Eliminates the tax on Social Security and pensions for low-middle income retirees.
  • Preserves government programs for most vulnerable.

Within a day, new revenue estimates showed Connecticut faces a $5 billion deficit for FY 18-19. This will require more action, courage and leadership.

More details about the “Confident Connecticut” state budget proposal are available on my website: http://ctsenaterepublicans.com/2017/04/republicans-unveil-confident-connecticut-state-budget-proposal-3/

Please – let me know your opinion.