Fasano Statement on Gov. Malloy’s Proposal to Shift Teacher Retirement Costs to Towns & Cities

February 5, 2017

Hartford – Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding Governor Malloy’s proposal to move one-third of the cost of teachers’ pensions onto cities and towns.

“This proposal raises concerns about the direction of the governor’s overall budget. This is pushing a state problem onto our municipalities and local taxpayers without identifying any policy for a long-term solution. Everyone recognizes one of the biggest problems in the state of Connecticut is our property tax burden. This would only exacerbate that burden. Rather than pay the state out of your right pocket, this asks you to pay the state out of your left. It’s not a solution; it’s just passing the problem on to municipalities. We need to be focused on structural changes that solve a problem, not pushing state responsibilities on to municipal government,” said Fasano.