(photo) Sen. Hwang Leads Housing Hearing; Discusses Impact on Easton & Weston

February 21, 2017


Sen. Hwang Stands Behind Effort to Make Changes to 8-30g Housing Law

Housing Committee Chair Sen. Tony Hwang on Feb. 16 participated in a wide-ranging discussion at the Legislative Office Building on the controversial 1990 affordable housing state law known as “8-30g”.

Sen. Hwang said the public hearing was an opportunity to:

· Receive input from local zoning officials, community leaders and residents from impacted neighborhoods.
· Boost affordable and workforce housing stock for seniors, working families, and disabled residents.
· Develop innovative housing policies for urban, suburban and rural communities.
· Provide exemptions due to environmental and watershed impact.

Sen. Hwang noted that more than 80 percent of Easton and more than 50 percent of Weston are watershed areas and said that part of the discussion should focus on environmental protections.

“We asked area residents to make their voices heard in Hartford, and they are doing exactly that,” Sen. Hwang said. “Housing policy impacts so many other policies, so when we get the chance to improve a nearly three-decades-old state law, we need to do it in a comprehensive way. We continue to urge people contact us with their thoughts on how to make Connecticut’s housing policies a role model for the rest of the nation.”

· The public may continue to email their comments about ways to improve the law to HSGtestimony@cga.ct.gov. (Comments may be as brief as you like. Include your name and town.)
· Put “Improve 8-30g” in the email’s subject line.
· Copy Tony.Hwang@cga.ct.gov

Attached photo: Working to Update Improve CT Housing Policies. Left to right: Housing Committee Chair Larry Butler (D-Waterbury), Easton resident Jeff Becker, Housing Committee Chair Sen. Tony Hwang (R-28th District). Sen. Hwang represents Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston and Westport . On the web: www.SenatorHwang.com .