Fasano Statement on the Governor’s New Budget Numbers

October 21, 2016

Hartford – Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding the Office of Policy and Management’s most recent budget projections pointing to a deficit of $5.7 million. This is the third projection the governor’s budget office has given the public, and the third different conclusion it has reached. This new number conflicts with OPM’s revenue shortfall of $133 million released to state agencies last month, as well as with the nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis’ budget deficit projection of $78 million.

“First the governor’s office tells his agencies we have a deficit of at least $133 million. Then he tells the public there’s no deficit. Now he admits there’s a deficit, of only $5.7 million, completely ignoring his own numbers on the revenue side and dismissing the state’s only nonpartisan analysis. What is the truth?

“It’s extremely frustrating. But at this point it isn’t about who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s about figuring out the truth. That’s not what we are getting from the governor’s office. Did Gov. Malloy mislead his commissioners? Or did he mislead the public? We need to know what our state budget deficit is so we can actually begin solving the problems, and not pushing them off.

“No matter what I say, Democrats will dismiss me and blame me for playing politics. But this is not a game. People in our state depend on legislators and the governor to manage our state budget responsibly so that our state can thrive and prosper. Republicans intend to hold an informational hearing with OPM, OFA, and the state comptroller next week to get to the bottom of this. I hope our efforts will be bipartisan, but Republicans refuse to sit by and do nothing.”