Fasano Response to Looney’s Toothless Opposition to Fare Hikes

October 5, 2016

“Typical Rhetoric and Outright Lies”

Hartford – Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement in response to Senate President Marty Looney’s statements regarding rail and bus fare hikes after they were approved by the Department of Transportation.

“Senator Looney’s flat out inaccurate and misleading comments cannot go unaddressed. Senator Looney’s budget is the reason this fare hike is happening, and his inaction when given the opportunity to stop this tax increase speaks louder than any final hour press release after the fact. If Sen. Looney and his fellow Democrat legislators really want to get rid of these fare increases, they could call a special session and stop it. As the majority party they are the only ones with the power to call a special session to take immediate legislative action to stop this tax increase. But they won’t. Republicans tried, and our attempt to extend special session to stop the fare increase was rejected by Democrat legislative leaders who quickly stifled debate on the issue.

“Does Sen Looney think the public is stupid? DOT passes a fare hike that will go into effect after the election, Sen. Looney complains about it today but fails to act now when he has an opportunity to stop it. Does he think he can play with people like that? Sen. Looney’s last minute attempt to distance himself from these fare hikes is typical political rhetoric. His misplaced attacks on Republicans show how desperate he is to distract from the truth – that he and his fellow Democrats in the legislature are responsible for the fare increase and for failing to stop it. For the record, Republicans have released balanced budget proposals again and again each and every year. To say that we haven’t offered budget solutions is an outright lie. Our budget proposals were always reviewed by the nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis and we also rebalanced our budget proposal when the state’s finances worsened, which Sen. Looney would know if he hadn’t refused to negotiate the budget with Republicans and the governor together. Republicans also pushed to enact a transportation spending cap that was actually enforceable and not able to be worked around – something that probably scared Democrat legislators who passed their own lockbox at the very same time they passed a budget that raided the transportation fund yet again!”