Fasano Statement on DCF Family Placements

September 6, 2016

Hartford – Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Department of Children & Families Commissioner Joette Katz’s press conference today announcing a rise in DCF kinship placements.

“While I applaud steps to improve the Department of Children and Families, I can’t help but feel that today’s press conference was an attempt to distract from the very real problems that have arisen in multiple cases of children being placed with family members and not receiving the care DCF should have been providing. DCF has failed to properly monitor children in multiple foster home placements, with the latest example of this appearing in the news again on Friday. As a result children have been placed with pedophiles and sex offenders and have suffered from abuse at the hands of their family members, all under the watch of DCF. While the numbers released today seem to be a positive thing, we need to correct the mistakes within the kinship placement system that have led to children being placed in dangerous settings. There’s still more work that must be done to ensure that children are placed in safe homes. Child safety must always come before family preservation.”

Senator Fasano referenced the following cases as reasons for his concerns regarding kinship placement monitoring:

  • On Thursday, two state child-protection workers were suspended after a DCF foster-care placement led to the aunt of an 18-month-old being charged with abusing the nephew placed in her care. The child’s condition, which included malnourishment, broken bones and burn marks, was reported by other family members and was not identified by DCF which was supposed to be monitoring the child.
  • Three cases were identified in a May 2016 Hartford Courant report in which children were placed or left in homes with sex offenders to keep the children with family members.

“Over the past few years we have seen Democrats place statistics above actual child safety in a rush to create the appearance of progress and better services. The DCF system would be better served by the oversight committees Republicans have proposed to act as unbiased monitors. We should be working to ensure that children are never placed with child abusers and sex offenders.”