More than 100 Conn. Sikorsky employees to be laid off

August 31, 2016

STRATFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Lockheed Martin announced 150 employees will be losing their jobs.

On Tuesday, Lockheed Martin, which owns Sikorsky Aircraft, announced that due to layoffs, 150 employees will be let go, 109 of which work in Connecticut.

Sikorsky spokesperson Paul Jackson issued the following statement Tuesday afternoon:

Lockheed Martin today announced that 150 employees from its Rotary and Mission Systems’ Sikorsky line of business will no longer be employed by the company as a result of a reduction in force. Although difficult, this action is necessary to ensure we remain competitive in the marketplace, secure future business opportunities, and keep our infrastructure appropriately aligned with customer demands.”
Lockheed Martin’s Rotary and Mission Systems business, of which Sikorsky is now part, announced in April 2016 that it would reduce its workforce by about 1,500 positions. Today’s Sikorsky action is the last part of that plan, Jackson told News 8 Tuesday afternoon. The reductions to the Rotary and Mission Systems staffing are now complete.

Sikorsky’s largest employee base is located in Stratford, with approximately 8,000 employees.

“Every time I hear more layoffs at Sikorsky it’s very upsetting. I have friends that work there. It’s a really good thing for our town. Every time there’s more layoffs it’s just kind-of a blow to our town,” said Stratford resident Dianne Boras.

“You have 109 families now that are impacted and what happens to the local restaurants or you know, the mom and pop stores? How are they gonna continue to be supported and how do the dominoes continue to fall?” said resident Clayton Boras.

State Senator Kevin C. Kelly (R – 21st District) says the dominoes are falling. Earlier this month cable company Altice laid off 600 workers in Stratford and Shelton. Two weeks ago another 85 jobs were lost when Sikorsky lost the account the repair and maintain the government’s fleet of Marine One helicopters.

“We can look short-term and work with partners. I’m gonna be reaching out to the local Chambers of Commerce to see if we can put together some job fairs for those that are displaced by this,” said Senator Kelly.

Kelly says these latest hits at Sikorsky are signs a long term solution is needed.

“We need some better decisions coming out of Hartford to create a better business climate to create jobs,” said Senator Kelly.