Fasano: SEEC is afraid to do their job, commissioners should resign or disband Commission

June 15, 2016

State Elections Enforcement Commission Makes Deal with Democrats to Halt Investigation into Clean Election Law Violation

Fasano: SEEC is afraid to do their job, commissioners should resign or disband Commission

Hartford – Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding the State Elections Enforcement Commission’s (SEEC) deal with the state Democrat Party to end the investigation into a violation of the state’s clean election laws by the Democratic State Central Committee. The investigation involved the Democrats’ 2014 spending on gubernatorial campaign mailers using the party’s federally regulated campaign account which includes large donations from state contractors prohibited from being made to candidates.

“Apparently the state of Connecticut can be bought. The SEEC and Gov. Malloy have completely violated the spirit of Connecticut’s clean election laws with this back room deal. The SEEC has always said it needs specific documents and communication records to determine whether the state Democrats illegally spent federal campaign funds on a Gov. Malloy re-election mailer in 2014. But for a few hundred thousand dollars all is forgiven by the SEEC and the governor’s efforts to kill transparency triumph.

“Democrats in Connecticut butchered our state’s clean election laws. They watered down and hacked away at the strict campaign finance rules we passed a decade ago. The result is a clean election system that is anything but clean. It’s unenforceable and littered with loopholes for special interests and pay-to-play deals. It’s disturbingly similar to the deep campaign finance problems that rocked New York.

“Today the SEEC is disregarding their responsibility and moral obligation to protect taxpayers from special interest money creeping its way into elections. They have put a price tag on bending our clean election laws. The SEEC executive director and commissioners should resign or the commission should be completely disbanded so that we can instead establish an Inspector General’s office to do the job that state officials refuse to fulfill. The SEEC is not afraid to go after small missteps by local lawmakers. But once the big and powerful get involved they cower. They buckle. They forget all that they are sworn to protect and dismiss the public policy from which they were formed.

“The governor should hang his head in shame for allowing this deal to happen. To protect himself, he’s throwing away the sanctity of Connecticut’s clean election laws. He is allowing the truth to remain hidden because those emails would be devastating for him. If that’s not the case, then I urge the Democrats to prove me wrong and publicly share the emails. How can anyone trust state government when it operates in the dark? This deal is a complete roll over to those in power and has set us back. Connecticut’s campaign finance reform has been totally neutered.”