State Senator John A. Kissel Votes Against Budget

May 13, 2016

Hartford-State Senator John A. Kissel (R-Enfield) voted against the $19.76 billion budget document which passed the State Senate the night of Thursday May 12th.

The budget is an adjustment to the biennial budget passed last year, and includes layoffs, cuts to social services, hospitals, and municipal aid. Major spending reductions were required because last year’s budget, despite containing the second largest tax increase in the history of Connecticut, has left the state nearly a billion dollars in deficit. Senator Kissel voted against last year’s biennial budget as well.

“Last year it was clear to me that Connecticut could not continue to tax and spend its way to prosperity,” said Senator Kissel. “Now that the state is facing major deficits, cuts which could have been made over the course of several years are falling all at once. Furthermore, the budget that passed last night cuts in the wrong places and balances at the expense of the needy, hospitals, and municipalities. The budget does not make significant structural changes to the way Connecticut budgets for the future. It does not include overtime reform, or real bonding and spending caps. It is wrong for the people I represent, and it is wrong for Connecticut. I could not support it.”

The State House of Representatives will vote on the budget on Friday May 13th.