Senator Kissel Applauds the Passage of of a Bill Increasing the Penalty for Hit and Run

May 4, 2016


Hartford-State Senator John A. Kissel (R-Enfield) applauded the final passage of a bill (Senate Bill 346) he requested and cosponsored which increases the penalty for people who seriously injure or kill a person with a motor vehicle and then flee the scene.

A person convicted of this crime may now be sentenced up to five years in prison, up from the previous one year.

This came about after 19 year old Jonathen Stewart was killed in a hit and run in Enfield. The driver fled the scene and actually turned himself in thirteen years later. But the perpetrator served no time because the statute of limitations had run out.

“This is legislation I have pushed for some time, and I am very pleased that it has finally passed,” said Senator Kissel. “One of the most serious responsibilities of government is to make sure punishments fit the crime committed. Jonathen Stewart and his family did not receive the justice they deserved. I would like to thank his stepmother Joanne for her courage and heart wrenching testimony before the Judiciary Committee in support of this bill. Jonathen lost his life a block away from my house and everyone in Enfield was upset the perpetrator left the scene. This bill will give prosecutors another tool to address these crimes and I hope the Governor signs this bill into law.”