Sen. Martin Backing Legislation to Better Protect At-Risk Children

May 5, 2016


The death of a Plymouth toddler two years ago could soon result in a new Connecticut law aimed at better protecting at-risk children.

A legislative proposal championed by Sen. Henri Martin (R-Bristol) has been approved unanimously by the Connecticut General Assembly and now awaits the governor’s signature.

Sen. Martin, the Ranking Republican senator on the legislature’s Committee on Children, said the proposal is a response to 2-year-old Londyn Raine Sack’s death in 2014.

“Our goal is to prevent at-risk children from falling through cracks in the system,” Sen. Martin said. “Londyn’s death was avoidable. Londyn was in a high-risk setting, yet she was inappropriately referred to a Department of Children and Families program for low-risk cases. We want to strengthen family risk assessments at the outset of DCF cases so that warning signs are not missed. We also want to strengthen state monitoring after referrals to ensure the continued safety of children.”

Sen. Martin said the bill would establish guidelines for referrals to DCF’s Family Assessment Response Program (FAR) ). The FAR program is used for “low risk” DCF cases which are referred out to community providers for community-based supports and services. The legislation would improve monitoring FAR cases after referral. The bill also calls for the legislature to be provided with regular reports on the implementation and efficacy of the FAR program.

“I want to thank DCF for working with my office on this common sense legislation,” Sen. Martin said. “I also thank my Democrat and Republican colleagues in the legislature for their support of this proposal.”

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