Finally! Tax Freedom in CT.

May 20, 2016

Today, May 21, marks “Tax Freedom Day” in Connecticut.

It’s the day that Connecticut taxpayers have to work until to pay their total tax bill.

Connecticut “celebrates” Tax Freedom Day later than any other state.

To put this day in perspective, the national Tax Freedom Day is April 24.

That means a move to an average state could put nearly a full month of pay back into a Connecticut resident’s pocket.

I continue to push for tax relief at the State Capitol.

  • Tax relief for everyone.
  • Relief from “revenue enhancements” and from all other euphemisms for tax hikes.
  • Relief from unfunded state mandates on towns, schools and businesses.
  • And I will continue to push to prevent all potential future tax hikes.

Our Republican alternative budget plan was not adopted by the majority Democrats in the House and Senate, but we continue to believe that our detailed, thoughtful plan provides the path to financial sustainability, predictability, and relief from government burdens.

View our “Pathway to Sustainability” at as you celebrate your hard-earned “freedom” this weekend, and contact me at .