CT Republican Plan Offers a “Pathway to Sustainability”

April 26, 2016

Republicans on Apr. 25 unveiled an alternative state budget which makes structural reforms, restores funding for hospitals and local education, and contains no tax or fee hikes.

It also implements long-term changes to the state budget to restore sustainability and predictability to Connecticut.

Republicans are not content with accepting Connecticut’s financial troubles. Families shouldn’t have to live in constant fear of future painful cuts and growing tax burdens. We believe there is a better path. We are standing up to share our vision.

What’s in the Republican Budget:

  • Restores Education Funding
  • Protects Funding for Core Social Services Including Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Grants
  • Supports Connecticut Hospitals
  • Provides Municipal Mandate Relief
  • Balances the 2017 Budget and Mitigates Future Deficits
  • Gets State Overtime Under Control
  • No New Taxes
  • Leaves the Rainy Day Fund Whole
  • Includes Legislative Givebacks
  • Funds Transportation Growth with No Tolls & No Tax Increases
  • Reduces State Borrowing and Helps CT Pay off its Debt
  • Implements Long-Term Structural Changes

Click below for more budget details:

Pathway to Sustainability Summary
Pathway to Sustainability

Pathway to Sustainability