New Canaan Town Hall Recap

April 8, 2011

To the editor:

We want to thank those who came to our recent New Canaan Town Hall meeting. As Connecticut braces for the many policy changes necessary to recover the state’s weakened economy, hearing directly from families and businesses has become increasingly important.

The message from this meeting was clear; it is time for state government to rein in spending and make better choices for the residents of Connecticut. Individuals and employers discussed their concerns about Connecticut’s anti-business environment, the effects of new and added taxation, proposals taxpayers fear they cannot afford, and then questioned how we can responsibly rebuild the state’s economy.

We will take these comments and concerns back to Hartford in an effort to make Connecticut fiscally healthier. Our goal is to close the state’s budget gap through spending reductions and private sector job growth with increased accountability to the public. If the legislature does its job well this session, we can look forward to a return to a healthy state economy for not only our generation, but for many more to come.

Again, we thank all those for their participation and encourage your feedback. If you would like to voice your opinions about this, or other matters of concern regarding your state government, please contact our offices.

State Senator Toni Boucher

State Senator L. Scott Frantz

State Representative John Hetherington